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The history of Kazakh cinemas dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Russian directors mainly created the films here. Moisey Levin created the first Kazakh film with sound in 1938. Influenced by the typical pattern of central Asian cinema, nowadays, Kazakh cinema has proved its significance in world cinema.

Cinema in Almaty

Arman 3D Cinema
Arman Cinema is a big two storey cinema with a dance floor and multiple bars. Well equipped with a Dolby Digital sound system.
Address: Dostyk Ave 104, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

Silk Way City
Situated in a Silk Way mall (a famous landmark of Almaty), this theatre houses four cinema halls.
Address: Tole Bi Street 65, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

Lumiera Cinema
Address: Abylai Khan Ave 62, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

Chaplin Cinemas(Mega)
Address: Mukagali Makataev Street 127/9, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

Kinopark 11 IMAX Esentai
Address: 77/8 Esentai Mall, Almaty 050040, Kazakhstan

Global Cinema Club
Address: Dostyk Ave 45, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

Cinema in Nur-Sultan
Kinopark 9 IMAX Saryarqa
Address: Saryarqa, Nur-Sultan 010017, Kazakhstan

Kinopark 7
Address: Dostyq St 9, Nur-Sultan 010017, Kazakhstan

Chaplin Cinema
Address: Qabanbay Batyr Ave, Nur-Sultan 020000, Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan also has a solid theatrical culture. Some classic theatrical and opera creations of Kazakh have achieved great success in the world.

Theatres in Almaty:

Abay Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater
Built-in 1941, it is one of the oldest and most celebrated theatres in the country. The building has a contemporary architecture style decorated with Kazakh traditional ornamental patterns.
Address: Kabanbay Batyr St 110, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

Auezov Theater
This theatre was named after the great writer M. Auezov. The venue organises national and international shows several times.
Address: Abay Ave 103, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

M. Lermontov State Academic Russian Drama Theater
Opened in 1933, the theatre has always offered some of the world best and classic Russian performances. It also hosts a museum that illustrates the history and the present of theatrical performances.
Address: Abay Ave 43, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

Theatres in Nur-Sultan:

K. Kuanyshbaev Kazakh Musical and Drama Theatre
Situated in the capital city of Kazakhstan, the K.Kuanyshbaev Kazakh Theatre started on November 15 1991. Named after Kalibek Kuanyshbayev, the theatre hosts dramas on classical literature, subtle lyricism, and spiritual resources.
Address: 47a Omarov Street, Nur-Sultan 010000, Kazakhstan

Gorky Russian Drama Theatre
Address: ул.Желтоксан 11, Nur-Sultan 020000, Kazakhstan

Some of the other famous theatre venues all over Kazakhstan are listed below:

Akmola Oblast Russian Drama Theatre
Founded by Y.Lakomov and Y.Kuklinsky. The theatre was opened on October 28 1977.
Address: Kokshetau, Kazakhstan

State Republican Uigur Theatre of Musical Comedy
Address: 83, Nauryzbai Batyr, Almaty 020000, Kazakhstan
Republican Korean Theatre of Musical Comedy
Address: Papanina 70/1, Almaty 050056 Kazakhstan
G. Musrepov State Academic Theatre for Children & Youth
Address: Almaty city, Abylai Khan Ave 38, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan
N. Sats State Academic Russian Theatre for Children and Youth
Address: Shalyapin St 22, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan
Republican German Drama Theatre
Address: Satpaev Street 64d Satpaev Street., corner Radostovets Street., Almaty, Kazakhstan