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The history of Kazakh cinemas dates back to the beginning of 20th century. These films were mainly created by the Russian directors. Moisey Levin created the first Kazakh film with sound in 1938. Influenced by the typical pattern of central Asian cinema, now a days Kazakh cinema has proved its significance in world cinema.

Cinema in Almaty:

Arman Cinema:
Arman Cinema is a big two storey cinema with a dance floor and a multiple bar. Well equipped with a Dolby Digital sound system, Arman is a high-class venue for cinema in Almaty.
Address: Dostyk Ave., at Abai ave., Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3272 645246, +7 3272 645245
Silk Way City, Almaty:
Situated in a Silk Way mall (a famous landmark of Almaty), this multiplex houses 4 cinema halls. The multiplex always gets crowded so the advance booking of tickets is required.
Address: 71, Tole Bi Str., Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 67 7477, +7 3272 79 0790
Kinoteatr Tsezar:
The Kinoteatr Tsezar of Almaty city is popular among the art house movie lovers. The venue offers art house movies all round the year.
Address: Furmanov 50, city centre, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 736393

Some other famous cinema venues in Almaty city are as follows:

Star Cinema: (multiplex - 4 halls):
Address: 285, Tole Bi Str.(ТРК City Plus, 2nd floor)., Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 75 9898

Star Cinema (M): (multiplex- 8 halls):
Address: 247, Rozybakiyev Str., ТРК Mega Alma-Ata., Almaty, kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 32 2595

Tcelinny (2 halls):
Address: 59, Masanchi Str., Almaty, kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 50 5012

Kazakhstan (2 halls, stereo):
Address: 519, Seifulin Str., Almaty, kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 79 7950

Cinema in Astana:

Cinema Samruk:
Well equipped with an ultramodern technologies and Dolby digital surround sound system, Cinema Samruk offers a realistic quality for the screenings. Visitors can enjoy the specially developed menu of the bar while watching the show.
Address: Imanov str., 13, Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 218508, +7 3172 210067
Kinopark 8:
Located on Sary-Arka street, Kinopark 8 features 8 cinema halls, slot machines and small computer club with high speed internet on the territory of multiplex and a lounge bar too. It screens lots of shows daily, but the seating capacity in each hall is limited. 1 hall - 292 seats, 2 hall - 172 seats, 3 hall - 154 seats, 4 hall - 126 seats, 5 hall - seats - 184 seats, 6 hall - 184 seats, 7 hall - 130 seats, 8 hall - 88 seats (VIP).
Address: Sary-Arka str., 18, ТC "Sary -Arka", 3rd floor, Astana, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3172 515777, +7 3172 790999
Cinema Zhana-Arka:
This cinema is considered for its comfortable hall having 90 seats capacity and a cozy bar. It offers discounts for the students.
Address: Garage cooperative "Stepnoi", Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 276496
Fax: +7 3172 276474
Cinema Arsenal:
Opened in 2004, Cinema Arsenal features two cinema halls, each consisting of 80 seats. Equipped with the most modern equipment and the system of sound Dolby Digital Surround EX and DTS, Arsenal is popular in the residents of Astana.
Address: Timiryazev str., 6, Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 393333, +7 3172 302527
Kinopark 6:
Situated on the 3rd floor of TEC "Mega-Astana", Kinopark 6 offers 6 cinema halls and bar also. It screens lots of shows daily, but the seating capacity in each hall is limited. 1 hall - 110 seats, 2 hall - 110 seats, 3 hall - 109 seats, 4 hall - 104 seats, 5 hall - 54 seats (VIP), 6 hall - 110 seats.
Address: Kurgaldzhinskoye highway, 1 (TEC "Mega" Astana), Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 790999


Kazakhstan also has strong theatrical culture. Some classic theatrical and opera creations of Kazakh have achieved the great success in the world.

Theatres in Almaty:

Abai's Theater (National Academical Theater of Opera and Ballet):
Built in 1941, it is one of the oldest and most celebrated theatres in the country. The building has contemporary architecture style decorated with Kazakh traditional ornamental patterns. The venue is favourite among the visitors for the picturesque gardens with fountains and sculptures.
Address: 110, Kabanbai Batyr Str., Almaty, Kazakstan
Tel.: +7 3272 727934, +7 3272 728445
Fax: +7 3272 722042
Auesov's Drama Theater:
This theatre is named after the great writer M. Auezov on August, 10th, 1961. It has always remained at the head of national art. The venue has hosted many national and international shows several times.
Address: 103, Abai Ave., Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3272 923307
Lermontov's State Academical Russian Drama Theater:
Opened in 1933, the theatre has always offers some of the best world and Russian classic performances. It also hosts a museum that illustrates the history and the present of theatrical performances, creativity of actors and directors. Also, it exhibits over 300 works of the modern art that includes painting, graphics, sculpture, objects of installation.
Address: 43, Abai Ave., Almaty, Kazakstan
Tel.: +7 3272 673131, +7 3272 673151

Website:Lermontov's State Academical Russian Drama Theater

Theatres in Astana:

The K.Kuanyshbaev Kazakh Theatre:
Situated in the capital city of Kazakhstan, the K.Kuanyshbaev Kazakh Theatre started on 15th November 1991. Named after Kalibek Kuanyshbayev, the theatre is famous for hosting dramas on classical literature, subtle lyricisms and spiritual resources.
Address: Omarov st., 47/a, Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 323624, +7 3172 323622
The K.Bajseitova National Opera and Ballet Theatre:
The K.Bajseitova National Opera and Ballet Theatre is a three storey brick building which can be found easily on Akzhayk street in Astana. The place consists of a big auditorium, a lecture room, two preparatory rooms, 8 checkrooms and 38 changing rooms. The venue also offers a good restaurant.
Address: Akzhayk st., 10, Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 392761
Gorky Russian Drama Theatre:
Address: Zheltoksan str., 11, Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 320570, +7 3172 328223

Some of other famous theatre venues in all over Kazakhstan are listed below:

Akmola oblast Kazakh musical-drama theatre of Shakhmet Khusainov:
Address: Kokshetau, Kazakhstan.
Akmola Oblast Russian Drama Theatre:
Founded by Y.Lakomov and Y.Kuklinsky, Akmola Oblast Russian Drama Theatre was opened on 28th October 1977. The place has got a make-up room, dressing room and transport and timber processing rooms along with two halls, one for spectators and the other being multifunctional.
Address: Kokshetau, Kazakhstan.
Oblast Drama Theatre of Zhambyl, East-Kazakhstan:
Founded in 1936, it is one of the oldest and beautiful theatres in Kazakhstan. The actors of this theatre are famous even outside of Kazakhstan.
Address: 47 Tokhtarov St., Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan.
State Republican Uigur Theatre of Musical Comedy:
Address: 83, Nauryzbai Batyr, Almaty 020000, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 611817, +7 3272 611857
Republican Korean Theatre of Musical Comedy:
Address: 83, Nauryzbai Batyr, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 611817, +7 3272 611857
Musrepov Kazakh State Children and Youth Academic Theater:
Address: 38, Abylai Khan Ave., Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3272 713806, +7 3272 714237, +7 3272 714056
State Russian Academic Theater for Children and Youth of Saz:
Address: 22, Shalyapin Str., Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3272 218964, +7 3272 210782, +7 3272 219289, +7 3272 281911
The Republican German (Deutsche) Drama Theater:
Address: 64D Satpayev Str., Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3272 465775, +7 3272 465774