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Based on nomadic roots, Kazakhstan’s traditional food is a reflection of country's unique ethnic and religious composition. The traditional lifestyle of Kazak is centralized at the livestock. The customs of the nomadic people and the Middle Eastern influences can be easily recognized while enjoying the traditional food of the country.

Some restaurants situated at exclusive hotels in the country offer all type of cuisines that include Chinese, Japanese, Continental and many more. Those international dishes are relatively expensive. Some food courts offer vegetarian options also. If you make it very clear about the choice of vegetarian cuisine, some food eateries can provide you the preferred food.

The local specialties revolve around the mutton (meat from sheep), horse meat and a wide range of milk products. Some of the most popular Kazak dishes include kazi and chuzhuk (horsemeat sausages), kuyrdak (dish made from roasted sheep offal and fat), besbarmak (boiled meat and small pieces of dough) and various other horse delicacies (zhal, zhaya). These dishes are prepared from a freshly slaughtered horse, sheep, or cow and consist of the animal's heart, liver, kidneys and other organs.

Some of the famous restaurants in Almaty:

Govinda’s Krishna:
This vegetarian restaurant in Almaty is famous for lunch and early dinners. The restaurant offers lots of small dishes along with a variety of soups and curry as well as tea. Sweet rice pudding forms the specialty of Govinda’s Krishna.
Address: 39' Ablay Khan ave., at Mametova str., Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3272 710836
Boudoir is a lounge bar that offers an exotic cuisine and elegant drinks. Enjoy Australian dishes made form meat of alligator or kangaroo as the chief of the restaurant is from Australia. Boudoir is famous for the drinks made by famous English barman and some tasty and unusual cocktails.
Address: Bogenbai Batyr str., at Ablay Khan ave., Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 725555
Cafe China:
Cafe China is a traditional Chinese restaurant situated in the city of Almaty. The restaurant also offers European cuisine on the menu. It features karaoke bar and provides free delivery service.
Address: Dostyk ave., at Al-Farabi ave., Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3272 642284, +7 3272 643016
Zheruyik is the first Kazakh national restaurant-museum that exhibits the collection of the old-time weapon on the wall. The interior, accessories, cloth of the personnel and the dishes, everything of this restaurant reminds the customs and traditions of Kazakhstan. The menu offers Kazakh standards like besbarmak, horse-meat platter, shubat (camel’s milk) and the dishes from the Georgian kitchen and the sagan shashlyk. The restaurant also has wonderful outdoor terrace opened in season.
Address: 500' Seifulin str., at Vinogradov str., Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3272 676127, +7 3272 676126
Il Patio:
A renowned network of Italian family restaurants, it has several restaurants in Almaty. Il Patio offers diversified Italian menu that represents the original cuisine and culture of Venice, Florence, Milano, Roma, Sicilia, Napoli and Italian hospitality. These restaurants are popular for their friendly service and a cozy homelike atmosphere.
Following are some of the locations of Il Patio:
1. Dostik Prospect, bld.202, Almaty, Kazakhstan
2. Rozibakieva Str., bld.247A (TC "Mega"), Almaty, Kazakhstan
3. Furmanova street, 226 Hypermarket “Ramstor”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
4. Masanchi street, 59 (cinema “ Tselinniy ”), Almaty, Kazakhstan
5. Dostyk avenue, 43, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Website:IL Patio

In Kazak, Esik means ‘Door’. Esik is renowned for fantastic Kazakh national cuisine. It offers some fine dishes that are reminiscent to the traditions of the country. The menu includes beshparmak (specific meat dish), main dish of nomads for ages, manty, kumys (fermented horse milk) and much more. Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy evening show with pure Kazak racy dances.
Address: 133'a Panfilov str., Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3272 722035
Russian's private brewery Tinkoff in Almaty has an area about 2000 sq meters. It is one of the largest restaurants in the country that offers a sushi-bar and VIP hall in the restaurant. Visitors can taste several pure and fresh brewed non-filtered beers.
Address: 27' Satpaev str., Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3272 920932, +7 3272 924900
Planet Sushi:
Planet Sushi, the name itself suggests that the specialty of the restaurant is Sushi. The restaurant provides over 50 kinds of Sushi prepared from the best quality and freshest fish from Japan and France. Take a sip of delicious green tea, genuine Japanese beer, plum wine or sake and enjoy superb Japanese dishes offered with top-level service.
Address: 93' Dostyk ave., / 226' Furmanov Str., Ramstore Hypermarket / 247a' Rozibakiev Str., Mega Trade Center, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 327 295 25 43

Website: Planet Sushi

Opened on May 1999, Tropicana is famous for its fabulous menu and friendly service. The menu includes starters, snacks, salads, soups, fish dishes, meat dishes, dessert etc. The bar menu has an extensive list starting from champagne, wines to gin, vodka, rum beer etc.
Address: 99' Shevchenko str., at Kosmonavtov str., Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3272 937253
Swabian Small House:
The Swabian Small House offers the fantastic national cuisine, good wine, fresh beer, quality service in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The restaurant has 6 halls that remind the styles of old Germany and Austria. It offers the big abundance of meat dishes (a bird, a fish, pork) and vegetables.
Address: 121' Abylai Khan Ave., Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3272 610514

Following are some of the famous restaurants in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

Al'-farabi Safran:
Cuisine: International, Kazakh, Turkish
Address: Left bank, Rixos, President hotel, Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 245050

Cuisine: European, Chinese
Address: 29, Abaya ave., Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 327256, +7 3172 328890, +7 3172 393677.

Seoul Plaza:
Cuisine: Korean
Address: 6/2, Respublic ave., Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 328010

East - West:
Cuisine: European, Italian, Oriental, Chinese etc.
Address: 2/2, Kabynbai batyra ave., Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 244034

Cuisine: European, Oriental
Address: 21, Momyshuly str., Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 340966, +7 3172 340753
Derby bar and grill:
Cuisine: European, Japanese
Address: 1, Pobeda ave., Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 325141.

Cuisine: National, European, japanese
Address: 32, Kabynbai batyra ave., Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 242848, +7 3172 242536

Lain bry:
Cuisine: European, Italian, Oriental
Address: 20, Kenesary str., Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 237444.

Derevnya Egorkino:
Cuisine: Russian
Address: 93, Auezova str., Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 323878, +7 3172 320022.

Beer hauz:
Cuisine: German, European.
Address: 43, Auezova str., Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 315747, +7 3172 282016.