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Based on nomadic roots, Kazakhstan's traditional food reflects the country's unique ethnic and religious composition. The customs of the nomadic people and the Middle Eastern influences can be easily recognised while enjoying the country's traditional food. Some restaurants situated at exclusive hotels in the country offer all types of cuisines, including Chinese, Japanese, Continental, and more.

The local specialities revolve around mutton (meat from sheep), horse meat and a wide range of milk products. Some of the most popular Kazak dishes include kazi and chuzhuk (horsemeat sausages), kuyrdak (a dish made from roasted sheep offal and fat), besbarmak (boiled meat and small pieces of dough) and various other horse delicacies (zhal, zhaya).

Some of the famous restaurants in Almaty:
Beefeater Almaty
Cuisine: Steakhouse, Barbecue, European
Address: Dostyk Ave 43, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

Chef Restaurant
Cuisine: Russian, Eastern European
Address: Bogenbai Batyr Street 104, Almaty 000050, Kazakhstan

BAO Noodles-Sushi Bar
Cuisine: Japanese, Seafood, Thai
Address: Furmanova, 77, Almaty 050060, Kazakhstan

La Barca Fish & Wine
Cuisine: Seafood, Mediterranean
Address: Abylai Khan Ave 145, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

Line Brew Mix
Cuisine: European, Bar
Address: Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

Saint Pierre Restaurant
Cuisine: Seafood, Italian, French
Address: 136 050000/A05B8X1, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

Korean House
Cuisine: Korean, Asian
Address: Abylai Khan Ave 92, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

Maharaja Indian restaurant
Cuisine: Indian, Asian
Address: Nazarbayev Ave 229, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

Some of the famous restaurants in Nur-sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan

Cuisine: Asian, Middle Eastern
Address: Northern Lights, Dostyq St 5, Nur-Sultan 020000, Kazakhstan

Take Eat Easy
Cuisine: Fast Food, Vegan
Address: HighVill Block B, Ahmeta Bajtursynova St 3, Nur-Sultan 010000, Kazakhstan

Line Brew
Cuisine: Barbecue, Steak house, European
Address: Kenesary St 20, Nur-Sultan 010000, Kazakhstan

Cuisine: Italian, Pizza
Address: Saryarka Avenue 1, Nur-Sultan 020000, Kazakhstan

Cuisine: Steak house, Barbecue, Turkish
Address: Kunayev 7, Nur-Sultan 020000, Kazakhstan

Wall Street
Cuisine: Steak house, Fusion, European
Address: Qabanbay Batyr Ave 60/20, Nur-Sultan 020000, Kazakhstan

Cuisine: European, Vegetarian Friendly
Address: Нурсая-2, Dostyq St 13, Nur-Sultan 010000, Kazakhstan

Rio restaurant
Cuisine: Brazilian, American
Address: Beibitshilik St 5, Nur-Sultan 010000, Kazakhstan