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A reflection of the country's unique ethnic and religious composition can be found in most of the festivals in Kazakhstan. The customs of the nomadic people and the Middle Eastern influences can be easily recognised while enjoying the traditional festivals of the country. Usually, during the festivals, people of Kazakhstan wear traditional Kazakh clothes and enjoy holidays with games, horseracing, singing, dancing and much more.

Nauryz - March 21
In Kazakhstan, Nauryz (Nowruz) is celebrated for three days from March 21 to March 23 every year. Nauryz means 'new day, the arrival of spring. The Nauryz symbolizes fertility, friendship and love. People dress up, meet friends and families and offer well wishes. The celebration includes live performances, dance, music games and food. One must try kumys and nauryz-kozhe - a traditional dish.

Constitution Day - August 30
The constitution day commemorates the foundation of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Street festivals, parades, and fireworks can be enjoyed on this day.

St. Valentine's Day - February 14
On this day, people exchange gifts and cards to express their love and care about each other. Mostly the youngsters take more interest to rejoice this day.

Defender of the Fatherland Day - May 7
In 1992, Kazakh Armed Forces were established, and in 2012 it was declared as National Holiday.

International Women's Day - March 8
March 8 is celebrated as International Women's day in all around the world. Kazakh women also receive flowers and gifts on this day.

New Year - January 1
Christmas and New Year both are celebrated in Kazakhstan with gifts and fireworks similar to the western style.

Kazakhstan Nations Unity Holiday / Labour day - May 1
Also famous as the Kazakhstan Nations Unity Holiday, 1st may – Labor day commemorates the Kazakh workers through street festivals and parades.

Victory Day - May 9
Military parades and other events are organised to memorise the Soviet Union victory over Germany in the 2nd world war.

Republic Day - October 25
The day is celebrated with street festivals and other several events all over the country.

Independence Day - December 16
December 16 is the most important day in the events calendar in Kazakhstan. It commemorates independence from the Soviet Union through street festivals, parades and fireworks.

Religious Festivals:
Along with the national holidays, some religious festivals are also celebrated throughout the country. The dates of the Muslim festival vary every year according to local sightings of various moon phases.

Ramadan is well known as a month of daytime fasting and practised by Muslims all over the country.

The end of a month of daytime fasting, i.e. Ramadan, is celebrated by the feast. On this day, big feasts and celebrations are organised by the Muslims.

Russian Orthodox Easter
The second Sunday in April brings the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. Special bread is known as "Kulich", is baked for this festival.