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Kazakhstan is famous for the beautifully crafted items that appeal to most of the visitors who visit the country.

The Almaty city is the best shopping destination in Kazakhstan. This city has lots of shopping malls as well as some interesting bazaars. One can find hundreds of handicrafts varieties in Almaty as craftsmen from all over the country as well as from the neighbouring countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan come to Almaty to sell their handy-crafts.

Most of the popular shopping venues offer more varieties of all sorts of small souvenirs or any big items like rugs, quilts etc. Don’t forget to buy Kazakh silk paintings, nesting/stacking dolls and Kazakh dream quilts. Those items are easy to carry and not expensive also.

Shopping in Almaty city:

Zepter International:
This global enterprise produces, sells and distributes exclusive, high-quality consumer goods all around the world through its high end stores. The Zepter store in Almaty provides a complete solution for a healthy lifestyle. The store offers a wide range of top-quality products organized in 5 brand division namely cosmetics, luxury items, home art, home care and medical. The specially trained staff provides a highly professional and quality service.
Address: 140 Bogenbai batyr str., Almaty 050000
Tel.: +7 327 2507082, +7 327 2507081
Fax: +7 327 2507092

Website:Zepter International

Almaty Ramstore Hypermarket & Shopping Center:
One of the biggest stores in Kazakhstan, Almaty Ramstore Hypermarket & Shopping Center consists of three large stores selling some of the world-known famous brands. Every floor of the shopping mall is full with banks, cafes, bars and restaurants and easily accessible by elevators. The mall also has skating rink at the ground floor.
Address: Furmanov str., at Zholdasbekov str., Samal district, Almaty, Kazakhstan
The first company in the souvenir market of Kazakhstan that offers national souvenirs with a unique blend of traditions and modern life. Representing the past, present and future of Kazakhstan, Empire.kz offers a large variety of souvenirs with national Kazakh’s particularities which include famous soaring eagle and mighty leopard.

Empire.kz has two stores in Almaty city.
1. Empire.kz in Silk Way City Trade Center:
Address: Boutiques 1-3, Silk Way City Trade Center, Tole bi str., at Nauryzbay batyr str.,Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 327 2677492

2. Empire.kz in Promenade Trade Center:
Address: Boutique 108, Promenade Trade Center, Abai ave., at Kosmonavtov str., Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 327 2700730
The Zelyony Bazaar (Green Bazaar):
Located in Almaty, The Zelyony Bazaar is a famous central market with a lot of shops and stalls offering Almaty’s famous delicious apples, clothing, toys, vegetables, flowers, plants, spices, dried fruit, Korean delicacies, cheese and mare's milk koumiss etc. The market has got a different meat section and one can also find the specialty of Kazakh, horse meat, in the Bazaar. On the sides of the Bazaar, local vendors sell pans, old pots, knitted caps, military items, Soviet pins and much more. The hardware and household goods can be purchased from the backside of the bazaar.
Address: Zhibek zholy Str. at Zenkov Str., Almaty, Kazakhstan
Silk Way City:
Silk Way City is a fantastic trade centre in Almaty that boasts a superb luxurious design. Spread over 12000 sq. meters area, it has an ability to serve about 8000 people a day with the help of its 16 computerized cash zone. The manufacturing departments of Silkway offer pastry, bread, cold food, meat, fish and much more produced with the most modern and high technique. It also houses a 4 hall cinema- multiplex equipped with the latest technology.
Address: Tole bi str., at Nauryzbay batyr str., Almaty, Kazakhstan.
If you are looking for a fashion store in Kazakhstan, Promenade in Almaty will be the best oprion for you. Being one of the best and distinctive shopping stores of the country, it offers a wide range of fashionable choices to choose from.
Address: Abai ave., at Kosmonavtov str., Almaty, Kazakhstan
It is one of the most popular department stores of Almaty city. It houses several small brand shops, boutiques, national souvenirs shops and much more.
Address: Zhybek-Zholy Str.,at Ablai Khan ave., Almaty, Kazakhstan

Almaty's Arbat:
Arbat means street. Zhybek-Zholy Street is famous as the meeting place for artists, musicians and the residents of Almaty city. This popular street is lined with the variety of shops that include jewellery, fashion, boutiques, brandshops, cafes and many more.
Address: Zhybek-Zholy Str., Almaty, Kazakhstan

Bukhara Carpets:
Bukhara Carpets is a famous name in carpet trade. It provides a wonderful collection of hand-made carpets. The shop offers various types such as Kilim (non-pile hand-worked carpet), Tekemet and Sumak.
Address: Furmanov street 103 (corner with Aiteke-Bi),office 105, 050091, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: Dmitriy- +7 701 3209910, Akul- +7 701 7333705

Website:Bukhara Carpets

Shopping in Astana:

China is relatively close to City of Astana. So one can find many ‘Made in China’ gadgets in the shops of Astana city. The city has plenty of supermarkets. Some famous supermarkets in the city include Sine Tempore (Italian orientated), one along Kenesary between Beibitshilik, Auezov and Respublika in south of the junction with Abai.

  • Following are some of the best shops in Astana:
Abdi:Address: Republic avenue, Astana, Kazakhstan. Tel.: +7 317 28 216 850

Feonix:Address: Bogenbay batyr str., Astana, Kazakhstan. Tel.: +7 317 39 318 052

Asia:Address: Seyfulin str., Astana, Kazakhstan. Tel.: +7 317 26/1 326 980

Vsyo Dlya Vseh:Address: avenue, Astana, Kazakhstan. Tel.: +7 317 57 383 353

Deloviye Melochi:Address: Kenesary str., Astana, Kazakhstan. Tel.: +7 317 43 324 746

Zharkyn IKO:Address: Abai avenue, Astana, Kazakhstan. Tel.: +7 317 57/1 215-174

Leyla:Address: Akzhaik str., Astana, Kazakhstan. Tel.: +7 317 12 384-247

Pilot:Address: Birzhan Sala str., Astana, Kazakhstan. Tel.: +7 317 3 931 124

Put K Sebye:Address: Pobeda avenue, Astana, Kazakhstan. Tel.: +7 317 54 320 975

Talisman:Address: Republic avenue, Astana, Kazakhstan. Tel.: +7 317 7 214 196